Totally Accurate Zombielator

Different fighting styles and warriors from all imaginable epochs are waiting for you in TAB. You have to take full responsibility over the army of soldiers. First, you have to choose those warriors that will become a part of your troops. Make sure to choose different types of warriors to place them in various battlefield parts. For example, those warriors who fight with swords are more efficient when they are on the first lines of the army. These are the first soldiers, who will meet the enemy, so most of them will surely die. You don’t have to place too expensive soldiers on the first lines for this reason. Also, you will have a chance to install some ballistic constructions on the field. You should locate them somewhere in the tail of your army.

So as you can see, it is very important to know what kind of skills your soldiers have and use them wisely. The better positions you will choose, the more chances you have to win a battle. You have about 20 exciting levels ahead and every time you win one, you will have a chance to make your army better. Don’t you think that you will develop your troops and defeat enemies easier and easier. The things are quite opposite – the stronger you become, the more powerful opponents you will have. What is more, you will open more maps and hidden units if you do everything correctly and manage your army wisely. So do your best and good luck, commander!

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