Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 2019

Take a look at these courageous warriors. Do they googly large eyes and funny movements convince you that they are strong and merciless? Guess, not! They look funny and absurd. This is true, but in the reality, they are not just ridiculous fellows with funny faces and strange limbs flying around their bodies in a random way, they are serious warriors. And they need you to command their army and lead them to a battle! This is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, one of the most amusing battle royale titles you have ever seen. The developers have created a marvelous gameplay that uses realistic physics, so just imagine this realism combined with the way these fellows move. They will be flying here and there, striking each other in a very silly manner, and you will continue laughing all the time. If you think that one joke won’t be funny for more than 10 minutes, then this is not a case for Battle Simulator. Here, the number of ridiculous situations approaches to eternity and we bet that each of them will entertain you even harder than all the previous ones.

There is something really great about the missions here. You can create an army of different heroes choosing them by rankings and skills. You have a limited budget at the beginning, but each new battle that you win will bring you more money, so you can create a really incredible squad with time. If you think that this game is all about fooling around, then you are only partly right. Yes, you will have to observe the battle from aside and see your soldiers being funny when they fight. At the same time, you have to take a very serious approach when you choose the soldiers you would like to invite to your team. Pick units wisely, because this is 90% of your success on the battlefield. You will have to make decisions and something this won’t be easy. For example, have you ever thought how many mammoths you need in your personal army? Now the time has come to decide. The missions will become more complex while you move from stage to stage, so make sure that you choose only those soldiers that will make your incredible army stronger. Don’t overdo with too large or too small units – this may cause problems on the field. Hopefully, you will find a balance and become a perfect captain.

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