Ready for an unbelievable fight? Then get into the game! This is not just a regular battle game, but a comic wall-on-wall epic fight, where your army will collide with the opposing one. You have an opportunity to choose the members of your army, the map, and the tactics. The characters will move as animated dolls and this will bring an additional charm to the process. Despite the fact that your warriors will move in a funny way, all of their movements will obey the strictest laws of physics. Because of well-thought physics, you will become a witness of numerous extremely funny situations that will constantly take place on the battle field. In fact, something funny will happen every few seconds, so don’t miss a single move in new 3 part!

Win the battles and get cash. Get cash and improve your army. One day, you will become an owner of the mightiest team of soldiers in the world. However, while your own army becomes stronger with every battle you win, your opponents army develops as well. So you don’t have to think that you will beat it easily once you receive more and more powers. The battles will gradually become more and more complicated, because the powers of both sides will grow all the time. Still, you have to prove that you are the best captain and your army is the most powerful of all. One day, two incredibly huge armies will collide and you will be totally amazed by the epic fight that will take place. Move the camera to see all the aspects of the battle. This will entertain you for sure. What is more, you will have to take your own weak sides into account and learn how to improve them. Think about the units that you have already purchased. Are they suitable enough for your fighting style and tactics? Do you have enough units of various sizes? Just don’t overdo with the mammoths. And good luck, captain.

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