For Two

A truly innovative title in the world of battle games surely is TABS For Two – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. This is a game, where players have to create troops of soldiers that come from various epochs and universes. As such, you will be able to create an army of primitive people, pirates, Asian warriors of an ancient dynasty, Renaissance knights, and more. There are also some hidden units that will become available once you pass a number of battles successfully. Warriors from different centuries will collide in a struggle and you will see them fighting to death. Once one of the armies defeats the soldiers of another one completely, it gains victory. Victory will let you pass further and see more levels with incredible environments. In general, there are 20 different maps, all unique and interesting, to check out. What is more, not only you will get an access to further campaigns, but also a reward – digital currency. This sum is meant to help you buy more units and improve the previous ones. You have to think about various aspects here – the size, fighting style, and mobility of your units. Get ready that the game will require you to invent tactics of fighting, and the better you know your own strategies, the easier you will follow them, therefore – create outstanding army that nobody can defeat.

The graphics of TABS is not very detailed and accurate. It is pretty rough and harshly-drawn. The characters’ faces will surely make you smile not just because they are designed that way, but also because the drawings are so raw that you cannot stand it. In fact, the title is more focused on the mechanics and physics than aesthetics. However, if the developers will pay more attention to design in the next parts of this amazing game, it will surely become a real masterpiece that is literally flawless. At the same time, mechanics are realistic and look perfectly. The heroes’ bodies are extremely responsive to the environment and in most cases this brings a comical effect. Sometimes, you will be thinking that your great soldiers are made of jelly or something like that. So the greatest battles of human history are waiting for you in TABS and you should try it out right now! Play for free right here!

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