TABS Mobile

A small drop of absurd and surrealism won’t hurt! Well, in fact, if you are tired of same-like battle games, full of chopped-off heads, arms, and legs, you may be looking for something completely different, but no less appealing. This time, you are welcome to try Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile for Android, a truly original battle simulator, where you see how two armies are fighting each other in a ridiculous, but still brave and furious, manner. Your part is simple – you don’t have to fight anyone yourself, just create an army and spectate its collisions with the opponents. But don’t you think that this is going to be boring! TABS is absolutely delightful in all ways. While the arrangement process will require skill and attention, because you won’t be able to create a really good army, the one that can defeat all the enemies, without being a profound captain. You will learn how to make your troops more powerful with time, because the matches will provide you with an opportunity to learn from your previous mistakes.

The gameplay here is not the most important feature to focus on. In fact, you are not going to control anyone or anything when the battle actually starts. You just create an army and lead it to the victory! Watch them fighting and rushing towards each other in attacks. When one of the armies is beaten, the level ends. In general, there are twenty different stages and locations to discover, but you will see them only if you succeed in battles. Also, the armies that will attack you will change as well. Not only your will have to fight with different kinds of enemies, but also you will see them upgrading and becoming more complicated to defeat. When you are done with 20 levels proposed by an official campaign, you can start playing with sandbox. Limitless options are available for you there, so let your fantasy flow freely and create the craziest battles possible. Due to the fact that the game offers a wide range of characters from different historical epochs, you can combine them the way you want and see a battle that could never happen in the reality. The best thing about Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is that despite the fact that it is pretty simple, it is also open, so every time you launch the game, you have a totally unique session with new situations and funny moments.

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