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It’s high time to learn if you are good commander! Can you arrange and manage the massive army of soldiers and make them will the battles against enemies? Check Totally Accurate Battle Simulator new update and you will find out. This is a truly unique title and we bet that you have never tried anything like this before. In fact, we have no idea if anything like this exists. TABS features incredibly funny and still super-realistic physics combined with funny characters, who move like jelly-fishes. At the beginning, you will be proposed to spend your initial capital to get yourself some soldiers for hire. Your financial capacities are pretty modest at this point, so you won’t be able to arrange something really striking when you start playing.

There are different types of warriors to choose from. You can purchase ballistic installations and other fighting tools as well. The fighters have different levels and the higher the level, the more you will have to pay for the fighter. When you have made your choices and have a pack of warriors by your side, you have to decide their positions and plan the battle. Make sure that you place soldiers on the spots, where they can show their best fighting skills and nothing will prevent them from being active. When you are done, push the “Start” button and enjoy. The armies will start running towards one another and an epic battle will start. See how your fellows fight with the enemy and get ready to move to a next level if you win. The next level will be more complicated, but victory will bring you some income, so you will have a chance to prepare yourself for a more difficult struggle. Buy some new units and make your army cooler. If you have noticed that some of your tactics are not very efficient or some unit types don’t match your strategies, don’t be afraid to look for new approaches and change your army to make it better. Remember, the better you plan your actions, the more chances you have to earn some cash. The more cash you earn, the more capabilities you have to make your army stronger. And, as you understand, this will bring you more and more money, so you will make your troops more and more advanced. This is how the progression looks like. Now, if you are thinking that this is a complicated strategy title, you don’t have to. It is pretty simple and you will see your mistakes during the battles – they will be pretty much obvious for you.

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