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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Game Online

Funny and enjoyable war simulator Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a title for those, who prefer thrilling online struggles arranged in a comical but very realistic way. There is a great number of different characters here and seems like they came from all imaginable universes and planets. You can pick the ones that you like the best and create a large army to start an energetic battle with your opponent. You are the one to decide how your army will look like and which weapons will they have.

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The soldiers will look and move like they are rag dolls – swinging their arms and legs during a fight. While this looks pretty humorous, the physics of their movement is worth of your attention. The game is called Accurate Battle for a reason – the way these crazy heroes move is accurate for sure. This will surely make you smile during the entire session. You will create an army of about 100 warriors with various weapons. Also, you can purchase additional soldiers if you want to. This way, your powers and capabilities will surely improve. The variety of warriors is impressive. Whether you want to invite a shinobi, swordsman or a Viking to your army, you are welcome to do so. There is even a Chicken Guy here, a mysterious soldier, who throws hens in the enemies.

What about your role in this battle? Well, you will feel yourself on the position of God. You don’t have to control your warriors anyhow or take care of each step they make. Forget about tracking their health bar and inventing battle strategies. Just enjoy the party! You can control the camera and make it move, zoom, and change its position anyhow you like. This sounds like a really nice plan for a weekend, isn’t it? This is a pretty unique approach to an online battles, so you should definitely try it out. You can also try the sandbox mode of the title and arrange the most bizarre battles that may come to your mind. You can collide any types of armies and see how they will interact. For example, you may create an army of ancient people and make them stand against the large group of minotaurs. How about colliding an army of hobbits and King Arthur’s knights? When they start battling, you can fly around and search for the best places to observe the action. This is like watching a movie, only better – you are the one to choose characters, arrange situation, and choose the camera angles. We bet that you will have a plenty of funny moments to check out. Also, in addition to sandbox, don’t forget to check a unit creation tool and customize your brave soldiers the way you want.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a perfect choice for those who like spectacular titles. The game developers paid a great attention to details of design, physics, and characters. You will literally arrange the type of battles that are really hard to imagine before you do. Try different variants, collide various armies, provide them with all kinds of weapons. You can even leave one of the armies weaponless and see what will happen. Have you ever seen like barehanded caveman are trying to fight against heavy equipped knights? Well, the only place to see something like that (and something even more unbelievable) is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. You can try this amazing title for free on this website and enjoy it as much as you want. We have uploaded a full version, so you can play it online right now. Are you ready to immerse yourself in an incredible battle with unpredicted outcome? Do you want to relax and observe the miracles of digital physics that look incredibly fun when applied to comical characters? Then wait no more – jump into the game and have fun.