Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 2

Game developers don’t stop surprising the audience. Check another original project – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 2, a bright and enjoyable title, where you will have a chance to test your strategy and combat skills. Something really crazy is expecting for you in this title. The main feature here is a truly epic format of struggle. You will observe huge masses of funny warriors colliding with each other on the field. This is the main feature of this title and something that makes it really unique. No, seriously, we don’t know any other title that would be similar to this one, so if you haven’t tried it yet, you should do it right now. By the way, there is a free (and complete) version uploaded on our platform, so you can check it at any time. But let’s get back to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator itself.

The other unique feature you have never seen before is a ragdoll-like physics that looks really awesome. It will make you laugh hard for sure. Bodies will fly around freely, here and there, hitting the ground and rolling in a very ridiculous manner. Sometimes, the characters will strike into each other, which will cause another comical situation. Besides incredible humorous atmosphere, you will also enjoy another part of this title. You will have to think carefully before you hire one or another soldier, because this will decide the destiny of your army. Be very precise and choose those ones that will make your army better. Sometimes, you will see that this or that unit is not very suitable for your army, so you will have to remove them or decrease their amount.

When you start, you have some initial amount of currency. Use it wisely, because this is not too much. Still, you have to arrange a great army, so take a while to think how to balance the forces inside of your team. Warriors have different capabilities – some are lightweight and fast, the other are heavy. There are different classes available and the amount of them will grow with time.

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