Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 2018

Battle royale titles are great. However, a satire on them might even greater! Or at least, funnier. Meet Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 2018, a fighting game that will make you laugh hard. Let’s get into some details of it. When you start playing, you are offered to create an army of soldiers of different types. There are characters from different universes here, so you can create a really strange (or awesome) pack of warriors. When you are done with choosing the soldiers, you can start the battle with the opposing side. At the moment you begin the battle, two armies will start running towards one another and attacking in a furious way. As a commander, you don’t have to do anything. Yes, there is no need to worry about yourself – just observe the event and have fun. The developers took care to make the camera highly-movable and you can choose the best perspectives to see how the match looks from all imaginable angles. Wander across the map and see what’s happening here and there. The session will stop when one of the armies defeats the opposing one.
There are twenty different levels, a great number of maps, and a pack of various characters to choose from. By default, you have a budget to create a strong army, so make sure that your ambitions correspond to your financial capacities – the budget is pretty tight. If you don’t want to limit yourself in any way – you can pay for additional features. However, the default options are pretty variable, so we are sure that you will have enough fun without any additional purchases.

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