Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Ready for some hack and slash? Oh, no, it’s not going to be a traditional one. You know, those games, where you just have to destroy everything you can see and stuff. The bloody bodies, guns, knives and other nightmares that you have already seen for a million of times. Of course, these are not of anyone’s interest anymore, just because we have already had a great deal of them. This is something that TAB developers realize clearly. They have created an amazing and super-entertaining battle game that will amaze and entertain even the pickiest gamers. The title is amazing from all angles, but some players claim that they are not really satisfied with the graphics. Well, it is pretty primitive, but you know what? It suits perfectly the entire style of the game, since it is comical and sometimes even absurd. When it comes to mechanics, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is without equal. The physics here are so impressive that you will get astonished. At the same time, when you see how these physics combine with rough artwork, you understand the point. There are no delightful elements or any charismatic characters here, at the same time there is a number of amazing and funny fighting situations that will happen constantly because of the advanced physics in Totally Accurate Battlegrounds.

Here, you have a chance to get yourself an army that comes from a particular epoch of the history. First, there are cavemen here, who also have mammoths and you can use the animals for your army as well. Second, there are shinobis from ancient Japan here. They are fast and cunning, so if you prefer a witty fighting style instead of slashing your enemies into pieces with a large sword – this is your choice. However, if you are fond of the swordfights, you can always enjoy them. You can create an army of knights. The choice is yours.

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